Now if you’ve got Twitter, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Tiger are doing giant post it notes. ‘How will we use them’ cried the cynics. Well aside from aiding group work, making plenaries easy and being infinitely cheaper than A3 paper, these guys are amazing for differentiated activities. I like to print on them and differentiate by colour. This How To will show you how to print on them.

You will need:
Microsoft Word
Giant Post its (or normal ones, template below – method the same)
A4 Paper
A straight through feed printer.

Step 1:
Either open the template below or open Word and format a 20.5cm x 20.5cm square

Selecting more layout options

Step 2: Print the square

Step 3: Peel your Post it with the sticky side on either the right or left. This stops the Post It from peeling or curling and therefore stops it getting jammed in the printer!

Peeling post it note

Step 4: Place your post it on your printed square template with the sticky side on the left or right (there should be be room around the Post It)

Post it stuck in box

Step 6: Go back to Word and write in your square.

HELLO TWITTER! written in the square

Step 7: Select the outline of the square. Go to FORMAT at the top and select NO OUTLINE and NO FILL.This means that if there’s any overlap between the template square and your Post It, that your hard work won’t be ruined.

Step 8: Pop your Post It sheet in the printer, select print and…

Printing on post it

I used this last year for Poetry revision and it worked fabulously. It’s such subtle differentiation; you can group students by colour without the realising. It also saves hours of photocopying/handwriting and, with the smaller template, you can do 6 at a time!

Here are the templates – I can’t wait to see what you create!