Revision lessons I really like #3 – Key Words

This is a late post I know, but I’ve spent the last 5 weeks looking explicitly at key words and revising them in conjunction to the English Literature exams. Both the class and I really did enjoy this and I think it’s a must-repeat next year! What did it look like? If you’ve seen any […]

Revision lessons I really like #2: Circle Quadrants

Hi everyone! Here’s my second post on revision lessons I really, really like. As you may have seen, I’m a little bit obsessed with circle based tasks. These mostly are not my ideas but I’m totally addicted to them now! WHAT IS IT? In its basic form, it’s a piece of A3 paper with three […]

Revision lessons I really like #1: Speed Englishing

In this miniature series, I’m going to write a few posts on revision lessons, ideas and resources that I really like. They might not work for every group or subject, some of the ideas definitely aren’t mine and some of them aren’t the most groundbreaking, but I find revision hard to plan for and want […]

How to… Print on Post It Notes!

Printing on post it

Now if you’ve got Twitter, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Tiger are doing giant post it notes. ‘How will we use them’ cried the cynics. Well aside from aiding group work, making plenaries easy and being infinitely cheaper than A3 paper, these guys are amazing for differentiated activities. I like to print on […]