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Revision lessons I really like #3 – Key Words

This is a late post I know, but I’ve spent the last 5 weeks looking explicitly at key words and revising them in conjunction to the English Literature exams. Both the class and I really did enjoy this and I think it’s a must-repeat next year! What did it look like? If you’ve seen any […]

Revision lessons I really like #2: Circle Quadrants

Hi everyone! Here’s my second post on revision lessons I really, really like. As you may have seen, I’m a little bit obsessed with circle based tasks. These mostly are not my ideas but I’m totally addicted to them now! WHAT IS IT? In its basic form, it’s a piece of A3 paper with three […]

Revision lessons I really like #1: Speed Englishing

In this miniature series, I’m going to write a few posts on revision lessons, ideas and resources that I really like. They might not work for every group or subject, some of the ideas definitely aren’t mine and some of them aren’t the most groundbreaking, but I find revision hard to plan for and want […]